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《電影》The Lost Thing

Adapted from/改編自:Shaun Tan's Graphic Story/ Shaun 陳的同名繪本 The Lost Thing
Directed by/導演:Andrew Ruhemann & Shaun Tan (click the name for the author's homepage/作者首頁)
Stars/聲優: Tim Minchin
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Awards/得獎榮譽:Inside Film Awards Sydney: Winner Best Short Animation, Screen Music Awards: Best Music in a Short Film, Wiesbaden International Weekend Animation 2010: Audience Prize and Best of International Animation 2009/2010, Chicago International Childrens Film Festival, The Kenneth and Harle Montgomery Prize, Austin Film Festival, 83th Oscar Award (第83屆奧斯卡金像獎): Best Short Film, Animated (最佳動畫短片) and more.

這部短片是3D動畫,可是畫風卻讓整個畫面變的平面而且柔和。導演兼編劇 Shaun Tan是得過很多獎的插畫家,為了忠實呈現繪本《The Lost Thing》裡的畫風,四人製作團隊花了三年的時間,

看完以後,不禁想,那個巨大的、曾經活在我們想像裡的生物,隨著我們長大,是不是也逐漸縮小,或者至少慢慢淡出而成為街景的一部分?曾經我們如此珍惜的想像力,甚至願意為它奔走不辭勞苦,卻總有一天必須將他們封藏起來,或是走著跳著,在長大長高的過程中,它被遺落了,成為沒有來源,沒有失主招領的,The Lost Thing.


另外則是評論版:(English Review Edition)

This film is the winner of the Best Short Film, Animated of the 83th Oscar Awards. The pastel-like and warm color tone of the animation seems to somehow flatten the 3D-based design. This, however, is nothing a drawback, but faithfully presents the story in the original picture book painted by Shaun Tan. The background music/ soundtracks are also touching and suit the scenes well. No wonder it also won some awards on the music.

The huge, pot-like creature in the film seems to be the projection of "imagination" or "dream" to me. When we grow up, those creatures are unintentionally forgotten at some place, and we become unable to see those things. We also become less interested in protecting and treasuring them. Even though we don't lose them, someday we still have to lock them into another world, which we are not dare to walk in once again. They are the lost things, living in an imaginary kingdom that has been lost.

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