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[WEB] Setup your custom blogspot domain name under NAMECHEAP

This is an article about how to add the domain name provided by namecheap. (An example google didn't provide in their documentation.)
To point the domain name registered on namecheap to your blogspot blog, you need to change the CNAME and A setting as described in google documentation. That is:
For CNAME, you need to add: (Don't forget the "." at the end)
For A, you need to add: (All of these four are required)
Setup the blogspot name under namecheap. (Click on the figure to view the original picture.)
  1. Click on "All Host Records" on the left panel, you'll see the options/table on the right side. Default subdomain table shows only five rows, but after you put in more than four subdomain settings, additional rows will be shown.
  2. Adding "" in the "IP ADDRESS/URL" column under "@". Remember the "dot" at th end of the url. Then, choose CNAME (Alias) from the "RECORD TYPE" drop down menu. This is important if you are using google blogspot as your main site.
  3. Enter your preferred subdomain name under "SUB-DOMAIN SETTINGS" columns. For example, my subdomain name is yapeshu, thus I only need to fill in "yapeshu". The main domain name is not required, i.e., I don't have to fill in "".
  4. Filling four rows with the A IPs provided by google, that is 216.239.(32-38).21.
  5. Another row, fill in "" (still, don't forget the final dot).
  6. The "RECORD TYPE" for the previous four rows are A (Address).
  7. The last one's "RECORD TYPE" is CNAME (Alias).
  8. Basically, you've done all the settings on the namecheap side, and if you want to change the TLL (Time-to-live), you can set it up to 60000 as this is the ceiling of this setting.

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Finally, you need to go to the blogspot "setting", click on publishing and select "switch to custom doamin". Input your domain name and that is all.

If you get any problem, feel free to leave a comment :)

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