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Original Story: 《One Piece》 by 尾田榮一郎 sama
CP:Zoro × Sanji
The content of this fanfiction has no relevance with the origin work. 
This article is still under revision.

Here is an illustration painted by Yafuu (dA ID deadcrow). Her work vividly presents the scene that  I tried to show in the fanfic. I also love the feeling of her ZS works. Highly recommending having a visit to her site. Thank Yafuu sama again :)

Kuzan left the Ring Island. It was until Chopper finished the first-aid treatment for Robin’s frostbite that he was able to have a look on the injury of Zoro’s right arm and Sanji’s left leg. But that was what happened in the afternoon of the following day.

In the evening on the day when Kuzan left, Sanji only told Chopper that he had already washed off the ice when he brought the dinner to Chopper and some hot water for Robin. He didn’t leave the clinic until Chopper turned around back starting to warm up Robin’s body again. He walked out of the room limply and quietly. At the moment he returned into the night, probably due to the absence of the hot water bags he brought to Chopper just now, a nippy feeling hit on his chest and spread like the ice Kuzan spread on the sea. Nevertheless, the wind did came from the ice path created by Kuzan .

Without a clue, Sanji suddenly thought of the swordman who was in charge of the guarding duty in the late night that day. He looked up to the starry sky, recalling that Nami had said it was already early winter few days ago. The Sirius slided slowly to the west of the zenith. Sanji looked back to the observatory and saw Usopp stretching on the deck while Zoro, with his three swords, climbing up to the observatory. He climbed with only one hand, the left one, which he was not used to using.

Thus the next day when Sanji was preparing lunch for Zoro separately, he didn’t put a pair of chopsticks on the tray as usual. Instead, he put a fork and later he even stuffed the side dishes into rice and shaped them as onigiris. When he was doing this, Chopper rushed in and announced that Robin had waken up. Sanji smile at him with relief, and walkd to the fridge to get some food for simmering some hot soup for the lady. That was when Chopper realized that he couldn’t walk normally.

Without doubt, Chopper dragged him to his clinic room with Zoro, who they met on their way. In the clinic room, Sanji only paid attention to Robin at first. Chopper finished Zoro’s treatment, and the swordman tried to take up his swords with his right hand but the swords flopped on the wooden floor. That was the first time in the clinic when Sanji looked at Zoro. He saw Zoro scowling, using his left hand akwardly to tie the sword back on to his waist. Chopper suggested them to get some exercise and sunbath on the shore, which would have been helpful for their recovery. Especially for the sites that had been frozen by Kuzan.

When Sanji was just going to say that he had to make some soup for Robin chyan, Zoro interrupted him and said, “The octupus-eyebrow cook cannot even walk I think.” Sanji retorted instantly with “I can still beat over your three swords even with only one leg!”

“Then see you on the shore.” Zoro left this sentence in the room and walked out. Sanji stood up and suddenly realized that he was tricked by Zoro again. Since he had accepted the challenge in such a way, he didn’t want to retract what he said. At least not from that chappy.

However, Zoro didn’t show any intention to have a fight with him. He did tried to pull out his sword – no matter for what reason—but couldn’t even hold the hilt tight enough. Sanji saw it from a distance away. He didn’t move forward on seeing this, but lit the cigarette and coughed, intentionally.

Zoro heard that. He lost hold of the hilt and, as a motion to cover his previous action, he bent and stretched his right arm repeatedly.

Sanji didn’t approach to Zoro too closely. He sat down behind Zoro around one meter away. Back to him, Sanji rubbed his bandaged knee smoking and said, “It seemed you could do well even without a sword, huh? Hollow cactus.” What he meant was the Groggy Ring game. And as usual, he added, “Don’t take it as a compliment. I never meant it.”

He couldn’t tell how Zoro looked like, though he thought he must still wore his poker face. Zoro answered him after a while, “Before a novice picks up his sword, he has to bear the sword in his heart. Swordless style depends on the energy flow circulating in your body. ”

Sanji slowly breathed out a long strip of smoke, said, “These words…who did you hear from?”


“She must be a formidable lady.” As the marimo was able to remember her. Sanji thought.

“She was tough, but she is dead.”

“…I’m sorry.” Sanji replied, being afraid that was not sincerely enough.

“None of your business.”

“I know that in plant kingdom you don’t do something like this to show your politeness.” Replying, the outer side of Sanji’s hand was scratched gentlely by the grass around him when he was rubbing his knee. And then he continued, “She must leave many things to you.”

“This sword.” He then paused for quite some time, “and the dream to become the best swordman of the world.”

Sanji’s left hand moved across the grassland. The leafblade scrape slightly through his hand. It felt warmly tickling as what he felt in some of the morning, when he climbed down from his hammock, the back of his hand brushed by the hair of the swordman.

He took another breath of smoke, and the menthol fragrance slowly leaked out from the interval in between his teeth. Coming out with the breath are his words, “The Shitty Geezer never fights with his knife, but he is really good at using it. When he cut off the meat, you don’t see blood flowing out. He can bypass any vessel which might cause bleeding. You could see the meat and the red color penetrate from inside, but no blood leaking from the surface. He has only one knife. He uses it to cut everything. That’s his treasure.” Sanji felt a bit choked. Zeff’s skill on using the knife was the key making him survive on the isolated island. He had used the same technique to cut off his own flesh on the crust, with the least bleeding occurred.

“There was a cook in Baratie, who was kept by the Shitty Geezer. He made good dishes, but never did well on using knife. He did even worse on making some decorative knife skill work, like those on watermelon. He always thought that was a waste of food. Ojisan, however, was extremely picky on his knife skill. He even gave him his knife – he used it less often—saying that it didn’t make sense if he used the same knife as he did but couldn’t do it as good as he did.”

“Once a Sushi chef came to our restaurant. He said he had the best knife skill on the Grand Line. He also said that he met a brat on the Grand Line, claiming that he came from Baratie. That chick lost a competition with him, and said that no one could win the chef of Baratie on the knife skill.” Sanji picked off a small piece of grassblade and crumbed it under his nose. A rich smell of sun. He then continued, “He requested us to have a 24-hour knife skill contest with him. If we lost, he could then take the name of Baratie from us.”

Sanji heard some rustling sounds from his back, guessing Zoro might have sit down.

“But the Shitty Geezer was too old for such a long time of standing.” Sanji cleared his throat, the choking feeling vanished a bit. “When they were discussing about the contest, the cook I mentioned to you pased by the room with a pile of plates. Kuso Ojisan then pushed him to the front of that guy and said that he was the chef of Baratie. It was said that the cook shaked hands with the guy reluctantly and made the deal.”

“In the following two eveninng, he practiced until very late at night. The Shitty Geezer sit right behind him and watched his practice. But no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t cut off the raw fish fillet as smooth as the Kuso Ojisan did. In the evening before the contest, he stared at the fish meat cut by the Ojisan, and then looked at the ones cut by himself – disformed and too warm for sushi. He could stand it anymore and shouted at the old man why they should accept the challenge from that world’s greatest idiot. That idiot was obviously lying and just wanted to mess up Baratie. No one had every left Baratie, because Baratie was the wonderland for all the homeless cooks. On top of that, he WAS not the chef of Baratie, but was the Shitty Geezer.”

“There were a crowd of cooks peeping at them. The Shitty Geezer stood up, snatched the knife from him and broke it on the cooking table. His treasurable knife then broke into two piece. The old man threw the broken knife away and said, ‘if there is a best one in your mind, you’ll never be the best.’” Sanji finished the story, putting out the cigarette on the bare ground where he had pulled off the grass earlier. The sun was sinking to the west side of the sea. As the wind blew through, the temperature was even lower than it had been in the midday which was already cool.

Sanji pulled up the collar of his shirt, thinking it was time for him to prepare the afternoon tea and the soup for Robin chyan. So he got up heading to the ship. He didn’t forget to remind Zoro, “Your lunch is still in the kitchen.”

Zoro didn’t response to his reminder, but asked, “Did the cook win the game?”

Sanji stopped, whipped off a piece of grass from his black trouser, saying, “Well, that scoundrel claiming himself as the greatest of the world seemed to have made some troubles and was caught by the marine army.”
“So he is the best chef of the world now?”

Sanji still walked a bit awkwardly. Slowly he walked toward Going Merry and said, “No idea. However, speaking of dining, the future King of the Pirate and the world’s greatest swordman have to listen to what he says.”

On hearing this, Zoro tilted his head a little, though he didn’t turn back and looked at Sanji. It was until he couldn’t hear the rustling sounds oringinated from the contact between Sanji’s pants and the grassland, he removed the swords from his waist and then laid down.

He rested his head on his arms. A flow of cool air breezed over his chest and sun shine landed on the top of his nose.

Chinese edition finished at 2011/09/11
Translation finished at 2011/09/15 01:25 GMT+8



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