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[ZS] Hush, hush. Don't cry.

Original Story: 《One Piece》 by 尾田榮一郎 sama
CP:Zoro × Sanji
The content of this fanfiction has no relevance with the origin work. 

Click here to see the happy ending version, Esse est Percipi, by yafuu. This is definitely a better version as a birthday gift. (LOL)

2012 Happy Birthday to F

  Sanji had a nightmare that night, but he still woke up at the same time. He got off from the bed in the dim light that morning to make breakfast for the crews. In fact he had no impression about what he had dreamed, but when he thought of the dream, his heart throbbed with a slight and nameless feeling. This made him classify the dream, which he seldom had and couldn’t even think of even a small part of, as a nightmare.

  Yet he was not afraid. The dream passed and he forgot.

  The stove fire joggled and flashed, due to the incomplete combustion, and the light changed from yellow to blue. When the stewpot puffed out some vapor, he was washing dishes. The dishes had been kept next to the sink by someone who finished the night snacks. The light shed from the morning star to his hands. He felt it blended with water and the chill infiltrate his flesh. He shivered and gruntled, vowing to push the kuso swordman to wash his own dishes next time. 

  He was not afraid of the cold, but he just forgot his coat.

  He cleaned the sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped them into pieces. He dumped the pieces into the boiling porridge, seeing the light-yellow blocks being swallowed by the white background. The movement was so slow that it looked more like gentle embraces. Suddenly he felt as if someone was standing behind him and softly hugged him. If he leaned back, he would have been drowned in such tendresse. Like the sweet potatoes in the warm gruel, the chilling morning air from the sea wouldn’t be able to scrap his back.

  He leaned back, but only could he feel the corner of the table.

  The thawed minced meat was riven on his touch. The edge was irregular, but there was no blood exzuded. His motion slowed down, the meat thawed in his hand. Sunlight from the rising sun poured on his hands, and it was a spread of redness. He couldn’t tell whether the color came from the blood or his frozen hands. He wiped his hands and held the meat together before putting it into the pot. The fragrant smell of the meat came up with the steam. He took a deep breath with smile one his face and said, “marimo, give me the hand towel!”

  He turned around with his sound echoed in the dinning room, and his vision fell on the table with nobody around. His breath condensed on his eyelash into finely beads of dew. “Ya, it was too early,” he reminded himself, “No one is awake at this moment”. Yet he forgot that the night watcher should still be awake. He turned back and washed his hands with ice-cold water. 

  He was really not afraid of , being alone with himself.

  The gruel was boiled again. He then added some scallion and switched off the flame. He divided the porridge into the bowls. Besides him, there should be eight bowls, but he couldn’t find eight of them in the cabinet. He looked backward, and found the eighth one standing lonely on the shelf with water on its surface. He grabbed the bowl, put it with the other seven alone the margin of the table. However he couldn’t remember when he lost his bowl. Maybe he could find it later on the observatory. Maybe it was an occasion when he brought the snack for the mario that he forgot the bowl there and didn’t bring it down.

  Right at the moment he put down the last spoon and rubbed his hands on the apron, Luffy and Usopp came in.

  He saw his captain gorged immediately after sitting down, and Usopp yawned a good morning to him. With the yawn, Usopp said that it was the best thing in the world to have a breakfast made by Sanji after a long night watch.

  Sanji was lightening his cigarette and didn’t notice what Usopp was saying. After Luffy finished his share within five minutes, he asked Sanji if he could have one more cup. By then Sanji replied with frown, “There are only eight. I even gave out my portion. I’ll heat up some leftover for you later.” 

  “How come Sanji doesn’t have this?” Luffy said, tilting his head, “Me, Usopp, Nami, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook and Sanji. Eight...”

    Usopp beat on Luffy’s hand, smiling strainedly, “Ah, yes, we need one more.”

  “Luffy, you missed ...” Sanji was going to say something, but he suddenly realized what he had dreamed. Then he realized that was reality. He stubbed the cigarette which he just lit and said, “Luffy, you can have one more. I am not hungry.”

  He was not afraid at all.
  Inasmuch as someone in his dream had whispered to him, “Hush, hush. Don’t cry.”

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