About Shummy

Shummy n. (舒米,又名舒泱霈):

目前是生物相關科系的菸酒生,興趣廣泛沒藥醫。喜歡寫散文/小說傻傻分不清楚的文體,2011 年中開始學畫 CG。因為黑歷史太多而成化名控,百度/微博 ID 舒泱霈(yapeshu),取《易經》損卦的意象,「山下有澤,損,君子以懲忿窒欲。」亦取字義的大水廣裦,溫柔含蓄。

|語言|正體中文/简体中文/English/Deutsch/Русски Язык/日本語/HTML/PHP/C/Perl/目前自學 JAVA 和 Python 中
|連絡我|kizs23458 or shummy.zs (gmail account@gmail.com)
|網站作品|蕃薯月報(Drupal 系統/logo 完稿/資料庫維護)、健康醫療資訊網(Drupal 系統架設)、太陽草同盟(除 CGI 留言與登錄系統外,其餘 html 皆自行撰寫,版面設計與 yafuu 合作)、Das Wiegenlied(google blog spot based)

Shummy (Yangpei Shu/yapeshu) is now a PhD candidate in biological science, doing transgenic plant project and bioinformatic research (sort of). It sometimes does some web designs; it loves cats as well as computer graphics; it speaks Chinese, and writes it in traditional way, but it can read the simplified Chinese, some Japanese and even a very limited amount of Russian and German. It talks to computers with HTML, PHP, C/C++ and Perl. It plans to learn some JAVA, JQuery and Python in the near future. It thinks in the graphical way, so sometimes it paints. It uses Photoshops and SAI as main tools, but also ok Illustrator or some other vector graphic software. In terms of traditional arts, she is ok with pencils but not so good with water color. It draws comics with its friends. If you want to contact it, use IDs: kizs23458 or shummy.zs, under google account system.

|Website design|Hanji Monthly (Drupal/logo/database)、WG HealthCare Info (Drupal)、ZSSZ Union WebRing (CGI, HTML, web layout designed with yafuu)、Das Wiegenlied(google blog spot based)
|Computer Graphics|DeviantArts、Pixiv (id=3564934) (some of the illustrations contain adult theme or BL elements)
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